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Rae Lesser Blumberg is William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology. She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern in 1970 and joined the Sociology Department at the University of Virginia in 1998. She is also Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego. Her academic work revolves around two theories. First is a general theory of gender stratification found in such works as Stratification: Socioeconomic and Sexual Inequality (Wm. C Brown, 1978); “A General Theory of Gender Stratification” (Sociological Theory 1984); and Gender, Family, and Economy: The Triple Overlap (Sage 1991). The second is an evolving theory of gender and economic development as described in such works as “Making the Case for the Gender Variable: Women and the Wealth and Well-being of Nations (U.S.A.I.D. 1989) and Engendering Wealth and Well-being: Empowerment for Global Change, edited by Blumberg, Cathy Rakowski, Irene Tinker and Michael Monteon, (Westview, 1995). Largely in pursuit of her theories, she has worked in over 40 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

Professor Rae Blumberg
Feb 14, 2017

Our Club theme for the month of February is GENERATIVITY - a human pursuit to contribute something, often through communities, to the next generation. Our speaker today has contributed something valuable to the Charlottesville community in the form of a foundation and a unique annual festival focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. Don't miss our talk with Paul Beyer at the Rotary Club of Charlottesville on Feb 28th. 

Paul is the Founder and Director of the Tom Tom Foundation and the Tom Tom Founders Festival. Tom Tom is a Festival of music, art, and innovation held each April over Jefferson’s birthday week in Charlottesville, VA. Since its inception in 2012, Tom Tom has hosted over 127,000 attendees, 300 bands, and dozens of public artists at wide-ranging creative events throughout the historic downtown. Tom Tom’s innovation programming has featured 350 speakers, including founders of Reddit, the Container Store, Chromat, Crutchfield, Gizmodo, and the Maker Movement, and its competitions have seeded nearly $2.9M in grants and funding to entrepreneurs and nonprofits. As Director of the Festival, Beyer oversees the visioning, programming, and marketing of the event that both builds the Charlottesville community and increasingly draws national entrepreneurs and creatives to explore the art of founding.


Beyer grew up in Charlottesville, and graduated New York University’s Gallatin School with concentrations in screenwriting and history in 2003. Paul returned to Charlottesville in 2006 to work for R.L. Beyer Custom Homes, a family run homebuilding business established in 1972.


Paul has spent his professional career in Charlottesville invested in a number of civic and entrepreneurial pursuits in the region. Paul sits on the Board of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce (2014 – ), the Charlottesville Economic Development Authority (2016 – ), and the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Innovation and Technology (2016). Prior to that he chaired Albemarle County’s Housing Committee (2007-2010), and participated on the steering committee of the Charlottesville Cultural Plan (2012 – 2013).


Paul Beyer, Founder & Director of Tom Tom Festival
Feb 28, 2017

In 2011, Iñaki Alday was appointed as the Quesada Professor and Chair of the Department of Architecture of the University of Virginia, where he is participating in the on-going evolution of the architecture program at the university of Thomas Jefferson, the one of the first public universities of the United States. Since 2016, he is the Director of the Yamuna River Project, the first pan-university grand challenge project at the University of Virginia. The Yamuna River Project ( is a long-term, inter-disciplinary research program whose objective is to revitalize the ecology of the Yamuna River in the Delhi area. Iñaki Alday and Pankaj Vir Gupta -Professor of Architecture and Principal, Vir Mueller Architects/Delhi - initiated the project in 2013. 

The Yamuna River Project involves an interdisciplinary team from the UVa and from India with expertise in architecture, land planning, civil engineering, environmental science, public-private partnerships, anthropology, political science, history, and cultural studies. The team’s objective is to engage the efforts of government agencies, experts and activists in an ongoing program to address the multidimensional challenges of Delhi and the relation with its river. Both in the academic appointment and in the design practice of aldayjover architecture and landscape, Iñaki Alday promotes a new attitude in front of the professional and academic challenges on the transformation of our environment. 

Prof. Iñaki Alday
Mar 14, 2017

Today’s meeting will include a special recognition of two graduating college students who will be receiving Rotary Global Grant Scholarships totaling $120,000 USD for advanced study outside of the United States.  We are pleased to welcome these two exceptional students preparing for rigorous graduate programs in the UK, studying science (cancer research) and public health (HIV/AIDS policy and prevention).  Members and guests are especially encouraged to invite their school-aged children to this special meeting so that the girls and boys can hear from this inspirational pair of graduating UVA students. 


Name: Ashley Ferguson

Hometown:                 Ashburn, Virginia

Degree pursuing:         Master of Philosophy in Medical Science at the Medical Research Council Cancer Unit at the University of Cambridge in the lab of Christian Frezza, Ph.D.

Coming into high school, my parents encouraged me to ditch my plans to try and be cool for a position at the Loudoun Academy of Science.  During my high school cancer research project, I stumbled onto Otto Warburg’s theory of cancer metabolism and have been hooked on the way a cancer cell takes up and uses energy ever since.  After building up my ability to deal with experimental failure in my independent research at UVa, I am ready to ask in my master’s next year:  “How can we target different cancers using the metabolic features that make them all the same?”



Name: Sasheenie Moodley

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa / Atlanta, GA

Born and raised in Johannesburg (South Africa), Sasheenie Mooodley moved to the USA in 2011. Enthusiastic and dedicated, she is currently studying at the University of Virginia (Virginia, USA) as a Jefferson Scholar and Echols Scholar. Sasheenie graduated in May 2016 from the University of Virginia with a BA in Global Development Studies. This year, she will finish her Masters in Public Health with a focus on Health Policy, Ethics and Law from the University of Virginia. At the University, she is the Editor-In-Chief of the Conflux Journal, sits on the student board at the Center for Global Health, and is an active peer mentor in the Jefferson Scholars and Echols Scholars programs. Sasheenie’s hobby is roasting marshmallows by the fire with friends in her lawn room.

Sasheenie will go on to complete an accelerated 3-year PhD in the UK in Global Health Policy and African Studies.

Her research focuses on facilitating peer support in urban townships in South Africa where there exists high HIV/AIDS prevalence. Knowledge is power, but shared knowledge is powerful and can combat health challenges in developing and developed communities. She seeks to explore knowledge sharing as a tool to maintain individuals in the continuum of HIV care, thus promoting HIV testing and prevention. Current HIV researchers and advocates have successfully slowed the progression of HIV/AIDS since its peak in 2005. Now there is a need to improve access to HIV/AIDS treatments through effective development and implementation of policy.

Ashley Ferguson & Sasheenie Moodley
Mar 28, 2017

Dr. Nitya Kallivayalil is an assistant professor in Astronomy with a focus on near field astronomy.  She graduated from Mount Holyoke College where she majored in Physics, and earned a Ph.D in Astronomy from Harvard University.  Before coming to UVa in 2013, she was a Pappalardo Fellow at MIT and a Prize Fellow at the Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics. As importantly, she has taken the lead in a partnership with Spelman College in Atlanta, a historically black women's institution, known for the high percentage of women graduates in the sciences.In collaboration with the Spelman College Physics department Nitya seeks to inspire young women to major in Physics and pursue graduate  training.


Nitya will speak about her research and discuss her program to increase the numbers of underrepresented women in the science and physics pipeline.  With her focus on education and opportunity for women , Nitya's work champions core areas of Rotary mission.

Dr. Nitya Kallivayalil
Apr 11, 2017

This year's grant recipients will provide a short presentation about how this grant will be used to help our community or the international community.

Grant recipients are:

Service Dogs of Virginia...Peggy Law

Jon Nafziger, Jefferson Area CHIP

Justin Gandy, International Rescue Committee

Jane Colony Mills,  Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

Laura Jean Seaman, SARA

Jim Mustin, African Peace Partners


Rotary Club of Charlottesville
Apr 25, 2017

Steve Baker was born & raised in Toronto, Canada. Steve moved to Cincinnati with his wife Peggy & daughter Katherine in 1996 and is now an American citizen living in Miami.


From 2001 to 2006 Steve lived in Caracas, Venezuela during which time he spent at least a month each year in the Alto Ventuari region traveling in the jungle by dugout canoe and by foot. It was here that he met the Grand chief Isaias Rodriguez, under whose protection Steve was able to visit villages along the Ventuari River. Grand Chief Isaias often expressed his concern about how malaria was sickening and killing his people. Steve promised Isaias that he would do what he could to help fight malaria on the Ventuari. Steve worked with the indigenous people to create a bed-net (mosquitero) designed to work with the hammocks that the indigenous people customarily use for sleeping. Over three years he delivered 1000 mosquiteros to the indigenous people of the Ventuari River and its tributaries and a further 1000 mosquiteros to indigenous people of the Caura River basin


Steve joined the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne in 2008. He organized a Matching Grant in partnership with Rotary Clubs in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela that delivered 1500 mosquiteros in 2012 and a Global Grant in 2014 – 2015 that delivered a further 6,000 nets to indigenous people living in a part of Bolivar State that was suffering from a fierce malaria epidemic.


Steve is currently working with Rotarians Patti Urban & Freddy Gomez de Cordova, RC Key Biscayne, on an approved Global Grant that is about to deliver 14,000 mosquiteros in the Peruvian Amazon over 2 years.


Steve is working on a new GG application for Venezuela that we hope will deliver 24,000 mosquiteros to Venezuela starting in early 2018. We need to raise $50,000 in the next 6 months to get this GG on the road.

Steve Baker
May 09, 2017
Elizabeth Chew, VP of Museum Programs
May 23, 2017
Jun 03, 2017
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Both children and adults are exploited, a majority of victims are American and a smaller percentage immigrant.  Cases seem to be on the rise nation-wide and the commonwealth is not immune. We are all potentially touched by this seemingly invisible problem. This issue speaks to our club's concern with raising awareness and building strong communities where all can thrive and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Please invite guests and join your fellow Rotarians for a vital conversation.

Annette Cox manages the victim and witness assistance program for the Department of Justice, Office of the United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia.  Annette is assigned as part of the federal trial team in prosecutions where there is a victim, and intentionally assigned on cases of human trafficking, vulnerable victims and the exploitation of minors.  She teaches and consults on the local, state and national level on human trafficking and victim recovery.  She supports nationally prosecutors and peers as a member of the Project Safe Childhood peer support team, and is the victim witness representative on the executive committee of the Western District of Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force.  She has worked in both the state and federal criminal justice system with a combined total of 25 years of experience.  She speaks extensively on the issue of human trafficking to prosecutors, victim witness, law enforcement and service providers.  She teaches a boots on the ground approach to victim prevention and victim recovery.

Ron Huber is the Managing Assistant for the Charlottesville office of the United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. He has served as an Assistant United States Attorney since 2008. Ron is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes, narcotics and white collar offenses. Prior to 2008, Ron served as an assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for both the City of Charlottesville (1995-2007) and Albemarle County (2007-2008).  Ron also serves as the Director of the Prosecution Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law where he has been an adjunct professor since 2006. He graduated from the George Mason University School of Law in 1989 and Michigan State University with a bachelor’s in economics in 1984.

Annette Cox & Ron Huber, DOJ: Human Trafficking
Jun 13, 2017

Emmanuel Agumah has over 10 years of experience in project management, public health administration, sales, marketing, and accounting, and finance. Currently, Emmanuel is the President and Founder of the Buruli Ulcer Victims Aid (BUVA) Foundation which focuses on socioeconomic support for former Buruli ulcer patients and those with disabilities. The organization provides health education, awareness, screening and treatment of Buruli ulcer, leprosy, yaws and other neglected tropical diseases. Emmanuel was the Secretary of the Rotary Club of Kumasi East and volunteered with community organizations assisting with water and sanitation aid, health, farming and other social support. Emmanuel holds a Higher National Diploma in Accounting, a certificate from the Buruli Ulcer Drug Trial and is a Paul Harris Fellow Awardee from the Rotary Foundation. Emmanuel hopes that the Buruli ulcer which disabled him will someday be eradicated in Ghana and the world. He wants to support other former patients in education and vocation support to empower them economically. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Emmanuel plans to continue to embark on a massive health education campaign to bring awareness and treatment on Buruli ulcer, leprosy, and yaws diseases.

Nancy Hopkins, as Director of Programs, will also be joining us tonight from the Presidential Precinct to introduce Emmanuel and the Mandela Washington Fellowship (Young African Leaders Initiative) Program hosted annually here in Charlottesville. 

Emmanuel Agumah
Jun 27, 2017

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Focused Ultrasound Foundation is a tax-exempt, high-performance, entrepreneurial service organization with a global reach. We are market-driven and results-oriented. The Foundation seeks to leverage its trusted third party position through contributing financial and human resources to foster collaboration, to build knowledge and to streamline the process and overcome barriers.

The Foundation is on the leading edge of the venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship movements and has become a model of how donor funding can be used to bridge the gap between laboratory research and widespread patient treatment.

As the Chief Medical Officer, Suzanne LeBlang, MD, represents the Foundation at conferences and major events, keeps abreast of the progress of clinical studies, ensures medical accuracy of Foundation communications, and directs patient inquiries. She has over 10 years of clinical experience performing focused ultrasound treatments on uterine fibroids and bone metastases and serves as Neuroradiologist and Medical Director of MR Guided Focused Ultrasound at the University MRI & Diagnostic Imaging Centers in Boca Raton, FL. She has published papers and delivered numerous scientific talks in the field of focused ultrasound. Suzanne received her B.A. in Biology and M.D. degree from the University of Miami 6 year Honor’s Program in Medical Education. She serves on the faculty at the University of Miami Medical School where she is the Radiology Clinical Coordinator for the 3rd year M.D./M.P.H. students, and she teaches at the Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine. She has been visiting faculty at several institutions including Harvard University and Ohio State University.

Suzanne LeBLang, CMO Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Jul 11, 2017

"Totem is a social philanthropy platform that provides individuals, charities, and businesses with an interactive way to raise money and awareness for the causes they care about most. The backbone of our platform is a series of user-driven multimedia feeds wherein users post content in support of, and donate money directly to, featured causes within the app. These causes are sponsored by businesses, each of which offers rewards (i.e. free products/services) to users who post the most content and/or donate the most money in support of the sponsored causes. Overall, the platform comprises a social media hub for charity wherein (a) individuals can become more involved in the good things going on around them, (b) nonprofits can raise money and awareness for their initiatives, and (c) businesses can promote their brands, products, services, and philanthropic activities. Our mission is simple: to provide a fun, social, and communal space wherein people, businesses, and organizations can interact with each other for the betterment of their communities."

Totem "The Feel Good feed"

Totem - The Feel Good Feed
Jul 25, 2017

Ms. Sara Clayborne who is the co-founder and co-director of the Charlottesville Ballet Company.  She is a very active voice about the importance of the arts and dance for children and youth's educational development. The Chance to Dance program is one of the company's signature programs bringing ballet to local public school students.

The Charlottesville Ballet Company is a professional dance company, an academy, and an outreach education program, and does work to engage local youth in both dance as an educational activity and as an audience member and one who has a great appreciation of the arts. It currently reaches over 500 students through its academy classes, and Chance To Dance outreach program

Sara Clayborne - Co-Founder C'ville Ballet Co.
Aug 08, 2017