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Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Focused Ultrasound Foundation is a tax-exempt, high-performance, entrepreneurial service organization with a global reach. We are market-driven and results-oriented. The Foundation seeks to leverage its trusted third party position through contributing financial and human resources to foster collaboration, to build knowledge and to streamline the process and overcome barriers.

The Foundation is on the leading edge of the venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship movements and has become a model of how donor funding can be used to bridge the gap between laboratory research and widespread patient treatment.

As the Chief Medical Officer, Suzanne LeBlang, MD, represents the Foundation at conferences and major events, keeps abreast of the progress of clinical studies, ensures medical accuracy of Foundation communications, and directs patient inquiries. She has over 10 years of clinical experience performing focused ultrasound treatments on uterine fibroids and bone metastases and serves as Neuroradiologist and Medical Director of MR Guided Focused Ultrasound at the University MRI & Diagnostic Imaging Centers in Boca Raton, FL. She has published papers and delivered numerous scientific talks in the field of focused ultrasound. Suzanne received her B.A. in Biology and M.D. degree from the University of Miami 6 year Honor’s Program in Medical Education. She serves on the faculty at the University of Miami Medical School where she is the Radiology Clinical Coordinator for the 3rd year M.D./M.P.H. students, and she teaches at the Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine. She has been visiting faculty at several institutions including Harvard University and Ohio State University.

Suzanne LeBLang, CMO Focused Ultrasound Foundation
 Jul 11, 2017

"Totem is a social philanthropy platform that provides individuals, charities, and businesses with an interactive way to raise money and awareness for the causes they care about most. The backbone of our platform is a series of user-driven multimedia feeds wherein users post content in support of, and donate money directly to, featured causes within the app. These causes are sponsored by businesses, each of which offers rewards (i.e. free products/services) to users who post the most content and/or donate the most money in support of the sponsored causes. Overall, the platform comprises a social media hub for charity wherein (a) individuals can become more involved in the good things going on around them, (b) nonprofits can raise money and awareness for their initiatives, and (c) businesses can promote their brands, products, services, and philanthropic activities. Our mission is simple: to provide a fun, social, and communal space wherein people, businesses, and organizations can interact with each other for the betterment of their communities."

Totem "The Feel Good feed"

Totem - The Feel Good Feed
 Jul 25, 2017

Ms. Sara Clayborne who is the co-founder and co-director of the Charlottesville Ballet Company.  She is a very active voice about the importance of the arts and dance for children and youth's educational development. The Chance to Dance program is one of the company's signature programs bringing ballet to local public school students.

The Charlottesville Ballet Company is a professional dance company, an academy, and an outreach education program, and does work to engage local youth in both dance as an educational activity and as an audience member and one who has a great appreciation of the arts. It currently reaches over 500 students through its academy classes, and Chance To Dance outreach program

Sara Clayborne - Co-Founder C'ville Ballet Co.
 Aug 08, 2017

April 10, 2015, the day my real journey began.  This was the day when I, for the very first time in my life, showed my true, unfiltered self to the world through a six minute TED talk in Richmond, VA. At the end of six short minutes, my true purpose and intent in life had revealed itself.  My life’s mission, each and every day, is to inspire, innovate and impact.    Since then, my message has reached over a million people all across the globe- and this is just the beginning. Now at the age of 17, I am beyond excited to share that I am well on my way to being certified as the world’s youngest professional speaker.  Join my voyage to change the world as I continue to live my journey of motivating the masses. 

Brandon Farbstein
 Aug 22, 2017
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