Jan 08, 2019
Thomas von Hermet

Thomas (Tom) von Hemert is the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Coordinator for the Thomas Jefferson Area CIT and has served in this role since 2006. Prior to assuming this position he was the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity (Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro) from 2004 through 2005. From 2000 through 2012, he served as the Criminal Justice Planner for the Thomas Jefferson Area Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB). From 2009 through today, he is on the Executive Committee of the Virginia CIT State Coalition, and from 2009 until the present, he has been a Criminal Justice Training Consultant.

As Thomas Jefferson Area CIT Coordinator, Tom has trained over 2,000 law enforcement officers since 2006. His program is the largest CIT in Virginia, covering 9 localities and the University of Virginia. He has written and been awarded over millions of dollars of private/state/federal grants for CIT. He co-wrote the state legislature approved “Essential Elements for Virginia CIT.” Tom has mentored the planning/development/implementation of many of the new CIT programs throughout Virginia as well as developing a Statewide Data/Evaluation Projector for CIT.
Since joining the CIT International Board, Tom has been an active board member. Tom presented at the last five CIT International Conferences (topics included: PTSD, Data/Evaluation, Advanced CIT, and 50 New Ways to Improved your CIT). He has also been on several CIT International board committees including: International Data/Evaluation Committee, Fundraising Committee, and the committee to develop the CIT Coordinator Certification Program.