Jul 30, 2019
Eli Caldwell (Eli Health System)
Affordable Health Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Elisha Caldwell, Founder and CEO 
Eli Health System

Join us for this session with our very own Rotarian and experienced public health professional, Elisha Caldwell, who will feature the work of the organization he founded, Eli Health System.

Eli Health System is an emerging community global health organization with a mission of providing a Universal Primary Health Care System for Sub-Sahara African citizens, beginning in the country of Liberia. Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, our organization plans to alleviate many of the common burdens that are experienced by residents of Liberia’s most rural areas. While healthcare services are becoming increasingly more available to Liberians through various government and community-based agencies, in many cases these agencies do not have adequate infrastructure or resources to ensure such services are made available to those impoverished citizens who are in need of care.

Founded in 2018, Eli Health System aims to strengthen healthcare systems in low GDP economies with the conceptual framework to reduce per capita healthcare cost, improve population health, and improve the quality of life. Our organization envisions a global health system in Sub-Saharan Africa where health care is affordable by all. We are driven by a holistic and integrated health model that takes into account social, biological, environmental, economic, cultural, and financial determinants of health. These drivers that change the course of health are addressed in our model of universal access to care to reduce possible risk to patients. Our programming aligns with the Institute of Health Care Improvement 2007 Triple Aim conceptual framework, which seeks improved patient health care experience, improved health for rural populace, and reduced per capita health care cost among Sub-Saharan regions.