Jan 28, 2020
Stephanie Carter & Amanda Jay (CATEC)
CATEC/Rotary Partnership: Giving Students Interview Experience

For the past two years, our Rotary Club has volunteered to provide mock interviews for CATEC seniors, as they prepare to enter the job market. We will again provide mock interviews this April. Amanda and Stephanie will talk about the success of the program, and its impact.

Stephanie Carter is the Director of Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education (CATEC). CATEC serves high school and adult students within the Charlottesville community, training them in high-demand career fields. Stephanie has been an educator for 15 years and has previously has led the City of Charlottesville’s career and technical education program. She is an empathetic and innovative school leader who also helped to open the city’s Lugo-McGinness Academy and to launch the division’s virtual education programs.

Amanda Jay is the Career Development Specialist at Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC). Amanda has instructed hundreds of students over the last 10 years on workplace readiness skills, providing support to students who are launching their careers in their industry areas. Professional behaviors that are emphasized in the program include strategic resume writing, marketing oneself the workforce, and facilitating interview experiences, including mock interviews for CATEC students who are entering the Charlottesville community upon graduation.