Nov 23, 2021
Rich Salon
Rotary Works

About Rotary Works

Rotary Works is a free professional career development resource for Rotarians and Rotoractors in Zones 33-34, helping club members from Pittsburgh thru the Caribbean Islands. This comprehensive program includes professional development webinars, career coaching, and numerous resources available to assist in the career experience.

Rich Salon is a member of the Rotary Club of Goochland County in District 7600. He is a 5-year Rotarian, and currently serves as the Area 18 Governor, Rotary Means Business Champion for District 7600, Zone 33-34 Project Team Member for Rotary Works, helping Rotarians from Pittsburgh through the Caribbean Islands with their career search. He is also the Innovative Member Pathways Coordinator for Zone 33, inspiring innovative membership types for clubs from Pittsburgh thru South Carolina. Rich was fortunate to serve recently as the District Membership Chair. Outside of Rotary, he is a Human Resources professional. Many people know him by his nickname it’s “Rich-the-HR-Guy.”