Jul 26, 2022
Robert Gray & Derek Rush
Uhuru Foundation Entrepreneurship Presentation

Robert Gray is a visionary, businessman, brand strategist and social entrepreneur with a passion for criminal justice reform and economic empowerment. As a native of Albemarle County, VA who was born in Charlottesville, he was able to experience firsthand both the opportunities and gaps that existed for the communities that raised him. As a result, he fostered a strong determination to operationalize socio-economic mobility as a means for building generational wealth and knowledge, especially among marginalized communities. His lifelong mission is to educate and empower all people socially, politically, and economically.

Derek Rush is a native of Albemarle County, VA. He attended Southern Virginia University where he studied business and was a member of the Lacrosse and Football team. He is the President of the Richmond Lacrosse Academy, a program which aims to introduce the sport of lacrosse to inner-city youth with an aspect of mentoring. Rush has worked as a counselor for an enrichment program with Albemarle County, and as the Vice President of Doyen Stalwart, a Class A contracting company.