Dec 08, 2020
Richard Morris, Cultivate Charlottesville
Greens-Space: Reimagining Gardens, Parks, and Communities

Name: Richard Morris

Title: UAC, Farm and Foodroots Program Director

Organization: Cultivate Charlottesville

Session Title: Greens-Space: Reimagining Gardens, Parks, and Communities

Session Description: A discussion of the power of urban agriculture to grow communities.

Description of the talk: Urban agriculture often arises as an afterthought on vacant lots of America’s cities. They flourish for a time before being plowed under for new development. But what if urban agriculture was a planned component of urban development? Cultivate Charlottesville is advancing that very idea. Imagine a Greens-Space that produces food, offers park-like amenities, provides job training for teens, develops entrepreneurs, and is a first food responder when the next pandemic hits. That’s urban agriculture 2.0.

Speaker bio: Richard Morris has worked in healthcare as a graphic designer and medical illustrator. He served as an instructor of design in education before moving on to the aerospace industry. There, he developed training software for aircraft personnel. Richard was a Design and User Experience manager for Thomson Financial’s billion-dollar trading desktop for Merryll Lynch. He began a career in agriculture on the Flack Family Farm, in Vermont, before doing a ten-year stint at Polyface Farm. For several years, Richard raised pigs, chickens, and turkeys on a home foodstead in Central Virginia.

Artist, actor, activist, and author of “A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life,” Richard has volunteered with local Charlottesville food equity organizations. He was Co-Chair of the steering committee at Bread and Roses, and serves as a board member at Loaves and Fishes. Currently, Richard heads up the Urban Agriculture Collective program of Cultivate Charlottesville.