Sep 08, 2020
David Kent
Encountering Cultures: Windows and Mirrors

David Kent has a long background in international education, teaching and directing university English as a Second Language programs both in the US and abroad, operating as an ESL consultant to US and foreign multinationals, serving as a university international director, and working as an international student advisor. David taught at Ferdowsi University in Iran - where he was also Acting and Assistant English Director - and taught ESL to international business people in Ireland. At the University of Detroit Mercy, David was presented the  Outstanding Faculty Award by the International Student Association with the notation: For Outstanding Teaching and Humor.

David will discuss the pleasures and problems of our trans-cultural society, both for those who move here and for those who encounter them as colleagues, employees, bosses, friends, neighbors, and relatives. What can we do to understand each other better? How can we soften cultural bumps? How can we maximize the benefits of having people from other cultures in our workplaces and lives? How can we have fun with all this?

This Club meeting, along with all meetings through the end of calendar year 2020, will be held via Zoom. Here is the link for the meeting.