On June 10th, Gina Mancuso visited the Charlottesville Rotary Club and spoke to members about entrepreneurship in the area. Gina is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who is running her third successful business at age 32. LoveThatFit is Gina’s current venture. It is a virtual fit and style technology that retailers license so that their shoppers can see actual look, fit and size of clothing when shopping in-store or online after uploading a full body photo. Retailers who license LTF’s ‘Fitting' technology benefit from lower returns, improved inventory control and merchandising while accumulating valuable data including fashion preferences, shopping behaviors and social influence.
Gina said that, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, she got her chops by going out and building successful businesses. As a teenager, Gina traded race horses in the European market and, after graduating from the University of Miami, she opened a successful boutique fitness center. LTF is Gina’s third business and has garnered the attention of angel investors and UVA’s Darden iLab Incubator.
While Charlottesville may not be poised to become the next Paris or Milan of the fashion world, Gina said that this city is ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a robust collaborative environment.