This week our Club was visited by the GSE Team of police officers from Western Australia, Australia.  The four officers are are Sergeant Paul Daly, Constable Aaron Biggs, Constable Jeromy Jones, Sergeant Gerald Murphy, and First Class Constable Taryn Werrett.

They regaled the Club with stories of their personal lives, professional lives, and of Western Australia, which is 22 times bigger than Virginia.

Jim Berry was the team leader for the Piedmont Rotary Council.  Jim Berry and Jim Peterson drove the GSE team down from Northern Virginia and more than halfway to their next Club in Tappahannock.  Tom Dunnells, Duane Snow and Rich DeMong hosted the Australians and took them to and from their many stops during their stay in Charlotteville.  The GSE team spent time with one of the local police departments (UVa, Charlottesville City, or Albemarle) during their Vocations Day.  John Griffin, Michael Semanik, and Jim Peterson escorted and drove the Australians on several of their excursions.  Finally, Jeff Gould talked to part of the GSE team about Drug Court while the others visited with the Executive Director of the Shelter for Emergencies.  

You can follow the GSE Team on Facebook (RotaryGroupStudyExchange2013Virginia).  They have posted some great photos and blog posts.