Michellle Braden, CEO MSBCoach spoke to the Rotary Club of Charlottesville Tuesday, January 27, 2014.  Michelle and her team of professionals are located here in Charlottesville.  They train and coach Executives and talented Senior Managers to inspire them to reach their fullest leadership potential.
Michelle gave us an assignment: What do we consider important leadership traits? We came up with quite a varied list, all important to be sure, and it set the groundwork for Michelle’s talk on what traits separate good leaders from great leaders.  Michelle and her team at MSBCoach have been working on this and she shared the their results with us:
Desire and ability to give your power away
Possess a vision that is greater than yourself and inspire others to be a part of the vision
Michelle’s talk inspired an enthusiastic and lengthy Q&A period after she finished.  It was a great topic and we all learned a lot. Thank you Michelle for an interesting and timely topic.