Fund Raiser and efforts of local Rotary bringing water to a school in Africa.

Rotary Club of Pretoria


(Chartered March 1997)

                                                            District 9400

P O  Box 12026
The Principal – Tlhopane Primary School
Dear Sophy
The Rotary Club of Pretoria Hatfield is delighted to announce that we have procured funding from the Piedmont Rotary Council and the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (Virginia-to-Africa Water is Life Project) for the drilling of a borehole and the installation of a solar pump at your school.
We plan on doing the drilling during the school break (22 June 2012 tot 15 July 2012).
Fencing wil be placed around the solar pump for security reasons but we would like you to ask your insurers (Santam) to give you a quote that will cover theft and maintenance of the system. Attached hereto please find a detailed quote of the system that will be installed.
If funding permits, we will also install a greenhouse with an irrigation system that will be 100% functional after installation.
The ideal will be to install 3 or more greenhouses. This will enable the school to cultivate more vegetables that will not only provide for the school but you can perhaps sell some of the produce at a reduced price to the community in order to fund new seedlings.
Please get a small committee together that will ensure the sustainability and upkeep of the solar pump and greenhouse. I would like to join the committee as a volunteer as to ensure Rotary’s involvement with the project. The key is to get the children and community to own the project and in so doing, ensure the sustainability and success of the project.
Our American counterparts are very excited about the project and there will be many opportunities to collaborate with them for future projects should this one be a success.
We will communicate new developments to you as soon as we know more.
Rotary wishes
Amanda van Biljon
For and on behalf of the Rotary Club of Pretoria Hatfield