LogoLeigh Middledicth and Terry Cooper explained the importance of revamping Virginia re districting process.  In a fascinating look into what Gerrymandering is, and how it is crippling the legislatures ability to govern, these two gentleman present a path to a better future.  onevirginia2021.org


Every ten years, Virginia redraws the districts for state and federal legislatures. This process allows our government to adjust districts to accommodate growing and shifting populations, thus assuring that all voters have fair representation in the government. But fairness is compromised if the districts are manipulated to stack the deck in favor of one political party. In Virginia, the legislature has set district boundaries every ten years. And, the party in power runs the process. There are no good folks and bad folks here. Each party has been guilty of setting the boundaries to their advantage if they are in the majority when the ten year point arrives.

The current redistricting scheme had some bizarre outcomes; sitting legislators of the opposing party being “redistricted” out of office; districts being arranged so there are “safe” majorities of voters favorable to the party in power, districts with crazy boundaries that split logical communities and discourage voter engagement. And, most of all, partisan redistricting is a major factor in the polarization we see in the U.S. Congress and in the Virginia legislature. Fixing the redistricting process will not completely correct this polarization, but a fair, non-partisan approach will have a major impact.

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OneVirginia2021 advocates for a redistricting process that is fair, transparent andaccountable to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

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