Pamela Sutton Wallace spoke about the challenges and triumphs of running a major medical center.  In her talk entitled “Moving Forward” she reviewed her journey to Charlottesville.   The Rotary Club was fortunate to hear such an inspiring story that started in Baltimore and wound thru Washington University in St Louis, Yale, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Duke University.   Ms. Sutton Wallace served several positions at Duke University culminating at Vice President of Operations.  Coming to U Va in July of 2014 Ms. Sutton Wallace has already made sweeping changes including the raising of nurse wages and hiring more nurses. These new nurses have enabled the hospital to open many needed beds that were previously unavailable. Ms. Sutton Wallace believes “The future of health care is about redesigning ourselves to care for an entire community while honoring the individual patient experience.”   The Rotary Club of Charlottesville welcomes The Sutton Wallace family, which includes two daughters at Monticello High School, and Associate Professor Maurice Wallace of the Carter G Woodson Institute for African American Studies a the University of Virginia.