Dr. Shannon, the new Executive Vice President of the University of Virginia Medical Center, spoke to the Rotary Club of Charlottesville on August 26th 2014.  He laid out a very clear and dire picture of the nations health care issue.  Citing Victor Fuchs emeritus professor of Economics from Stanford in saying "If we solve our health care spending, practically all of our fiscal problems go away,”and if don't " “Then almost anything else we do will not solve our fiscal problems.”‚Äč  Dr Shannon brought a solid plan to move forward based on "Pursuing Excellence Quality and Safety as the New Currency".  Witnessing first hand the amazing transformation that was made at Alcoa by Paul O'Neill in the late 1980's, Dr Shannon presented that the case that reining in costs, and particularly those associated with safety, harm and over treatment will save our medical system.
Dr Shannon meets daily with his teams to review every accident, infection and death in the medical center to learn what steps need to be taking to improve  and advance toward the goals of "One UVA Health System":
•To become the safest place to receive care 
•To be the healthiest work environment
•To provide the highest level of clinical care
•To generate biomedical discovery that betters the human condition
•To train the health care workforce of the future in teams