Speaker Date Topic
Grant Browning and Gary Selmeczi Apr 23, 2019
Using music to assist Alzheimer's patients.

The focus ofthe program is about how hearing the music that Alzheimer’s patients loved in their youth helps bring some of them back to normality at least temporarily. A portion of an award-winning film Alive Inside will be shown.
Gary will share how Westminster-Canterbury has used music to improve the lives of their residents.
A representative of the local Alzheimer’s Association will be available to answer questions.

No Club Meeting this date May 14, 2019
Rachelle Braggby, the Charlottesville Police Chief May 28, 2019


Robert McFarland Jun 11, 2019
What Your Employees Wish You Knew - Their top four concerns

Robert is a fellow Rotarian in the Harrisonburg Club. His first book was a best seller entitled Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew. He researched today's workforce across industries and regions of the country and discovered the top four concerns of employees. He would like to share with our club what these research findings are and how these workplace culture problems (faced by virtually every company in the marketplace) can be addressed.  Robert McFarland President Transformational Impact LLC

Dave Segars Jun 25, 2019
Africa - St. Dennis Vocational School in Uganda & African Peace Partners - Rwanda

Dave and Kathy Segars travelled to Uganda and Rwanda in February to investigate service opportunities.  They toured vocational schools in Uganda, intervieing students who were in need of tuition assistance.  Later, they met our own Jim Mustin in Rwanda for a brief respite and tour of the Ihumure Peace Center in Gisenyi, Rwanda.  The Peace Center is a recipient of a $70,000 Rotary Global Grant, and will be using the funds to expand their effective peace building process.