Nov 26, 2019
Coach Mo
How to Lead with Millenials: Leading in the New Era of Business

I started my professional career in Fortune 500 Management and spent almost a decade learning from a couple of the largest companies on the planet.  I started my first business 6 years ago, and a year later I started Club MO (a personal training program / facility) . From there I started speaking and conducting training seminar for corporate leadership.  In the millennial style, I currently operate Club MO, speak, and am pursing my third simultaneous venture as a building contractor (Built Builder “Let me do the heavy lifting.”).  I’ll offer an entertaining yet brief history lesson on Business in America, identify what has changed and how, then how can Businesses and leaders react to this change. 

My new book with the title of this talk was published in Spring 2019 - How to Lead Millennials: Lead in the New Era of Business