The Magic of Imagination
Nov 27, 2018 5:30 PM
Nell Goddin
The Magic of Imagination

Nell Goddin, author of twelve books ranging from cozy mystery to thriller to literary novel, describes her process of bringing a tiny idea all the way to a fully-formed story.

She has worked as a radio report, an SAT tutor, a short-order omelet chef and a baker.  She tried waitressing but was fired twice.

Nell grew up in Richmond and has lived in New England, New York City, and France.  Currently she’s living in Charlottesville with teenagers and far too many pets.  She has degrees from Dartmouth and Columbia.

Now, here’s the really interesting part: She writes under (at least) two names!  As Nell Goddin, she writes cozy mysteries (  She currently has 12 books here – and continues to add to this collection.

She also writes novels as Cornelia Goddin.  (  These are psychological suspense – think Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins. She published You Made Your Bed a few months ago and is currently working on another psychological suspense book.

In addition to these two genres, she’s written a SAT math guide and a vampire romance!