The executive Director of Innisfree village shed some light into the wonderful place that is Innisfree.  Carolyn Ohle walked us thru a typical day for the coworkers, volunteer caregivers and staff on the 550 acre working farm at the foothills of the Blue Ridge.  Perhaps the best way to sum up her inspiring talk is to list the statement of principles’ that Innisfree is based on:
Statement of principles
Innisfree shall:
  1. Be a model therapeutic environment with people with intellectual disabilities, emphasizing empowerment, interdependence, and mutual respect of all community members
  2. Evolve with the changing needs of the individuals with intellectual disabilities within the community and beyond
  3. Value work and foster creativity through artistic crafts, stewardship of the land, and daily community life
  4. Promote efforts in the stewardship of the land to acknowledge the reciprocal relationship between human health and the natural environment
  5. Encourage the integration of community members into the larger society through participation in cultural, educational, recreational, religious, and volunteer programs
  6. Rely for its financial resources upon family support, the spirit of volunteerism, and private funding
  7. Support and encourage the talents and individuality of community members from diverse educational, national, ethnic, and social backgrounds